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Welcome to the 360 Feedback Online System

In order to navigate the on-line system, please click here for step-by-step instructions.

360 Feedback Process
The process will utilize a multilevel view (a 360 degree view) wherein each person will be assessed from the perspective of Self, Supervisor/Coworker, Customers and Reports in order to gain a full and complete picture of the person being assessed.

Please plan to spend between 5 and 10 minutes on each 360 Feedback instrument. At this time you will need to finish the feedback in one session (future plans include being able to stop and return as needed).

The Process will use a single instrument to assess all Leadership Team members in order to emphasize the shared values and common expectations of all.

The principles which contribute to the overall quality, effectiveness, and integrity of the process will be followed:
1. The process is confidential.
2. Feedback data belong to the receiver.
3. Feedback is developmental.
4. Reflective sharing/dialogue with supervisor follows feedback.
5. The development of a goal or action plan follows feedback.

  • Identify all individuals who will be requested to complete the 360 Feedback instrument. These individuals should include your supervisor, all co-workers, as many customers inside and outside the SCCOE as possible, and all direct reports.

  • Complete the 360 Feedback Instrument yourself and send the identified individuals the 360 Feedback Instrument via email invitation.

  • Results belong to the person being rated. Results can be accessed only when a minimum of three completes per category (in order to ensure confidentiality of raters) has been reached.

  • Meet with your supervisor to share your results (details of what is shared are up to the person being rated) which will be discussed as part of your evaluation and resultant Individual Learning Plan (ILP) development.

  • Establish checkpoints during the year (quarterly or midway through the year) to assess your progress on your ILP.

  • Repeat this process annually.